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The First Running App Designed Only For Apple Watch

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Video Stitching That Finally Makes Your Holiday Videos Watchable

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Jack graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Business from the University of Coventry in 2013, where he majored in Brand and Corporate Communications.

Where We're Based

Jack Kendall Innovations Ltd. is a small App Design and Development company based in Wellesbourne, around 24 miles away from Birmingham, that is easily accessible from the M40 at Junction 15.

Our Mission

We believe that innovation is the ultimate invention.

Building on what was already there before,
to create better, build simpler, innovate quicker,
so that tomorrow's advancements are today's reality.


We believe that design is essential,
no matter what the product or circumstance,
there should be no compromise for excellence
and no excuse for imperfection.


These are the first of many innovations.
This is only the Beginning.