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Reading requires concentration, a quiet environment, that is sometimes hard to find, however With this feature you can make use of the time that would be otherwise wasted and instead listen to the latest Disney News whilst driving, working out or cleaning your teeth.

Disney Fans know all too well the sense of anticipation for that next dose of Disney magic. DSNY Digest makes this even easier, as the built in Notification Centre Countdown Widget provides a quick glance of excitement at the swipe of a finger.

Disney News can be hard to stay on top of, with such diverse and active Brands that are always releasing new trailers, Attractions, Experinces and Products, staying in the loop can be difficult. With DSNY Digest's Push Notifications, you'll be the first to know about breaking news.

Finding out the latest Disney News can be exciting, but why keep it to yourself, let everyone know your thoughts by commenting on each article, so join the Disney Discussion and let your Disney flag fly.


Disney now owns some of the most beloved entertainment brands in the world. However, not all users will be interested in every fandom, so it's easy to add and remove news sections to create a custom Disney News app, perfect for you.

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We all know someone who is a Disney Fan, whether it’s a love of the Movies, Parks or just that lovable Mickey Mouse, now it’s never been easier to share Disney News to all your Social Platforms.


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