TV Tube provides a sleek Apple TV app to experience YouTube,

your YouTube, the way it should be, fully featured, with Playlists,

Likes and Dislikes and of course Comments.

The YouTube App For Apple TV

That Never Was...Until Now

Apple TV 4 has incredible potential when coupled with the immense wealth of content of YouTube, but Google’s YouTube app for Apple TV, and many other platforms, leaves much to be desired. TV Tube streamlines the interface, giving a YouTube experience that is unparalleled, which means watching YouTube on Apple TV is simpler and yet more full featured than ever before.

Many of the features that can be found when using YouTube on the web, just are not available when sat in your armchair, however TV Tube has solved many of the interface issues that face features such as commenting, playlist management, and discoverability, whilst still remaining simple and intuitive to use.

A YouTube Experience,

Google Will Be Envious Of

Currently In Development

Unleash The True Power Of

YouTube For Apple TV